Conference of Women’s Place in Iranian-Islamic Civilization

Given the importance of women’s place in the history of Iran, the Iranology Foundation intends to hold the First International Conference of "Women’s Place in Iranian-Islamic Civilization" with presence of professors, scholars, and representatives of women’s research centers in the world. The main focus of the Conference is the place of women both in the family and Household, and in society. The purpose of the Conference is to provide an atmosphere of cooperation and convergence of ideas among experts and theoreticians of this field while focusing on women’s status not only in the real world but also in ancient Iranian myths. The dynamic achievements of this event can introduce the problems, challenges, and opportunities before women in various social, economic, political, and cultural domains and promote their status at both national and international levels.

Conference Themes
  1. Women’s Place in Creation
    • Women in the History of Iranian Civilization before Islam
    • Women in the History of Iranian Civilization after Islam and in the Islamic Worldview
    • Women in non-Iranian Societies
  2. Women’s Roles in Social and Economic Areas
    • Women’s Roles in Accessing Peace and Sustainable Development based on the History and Civilization of Iran and Islam
    • Women’s Roles in the Revival and Dissemination of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
    • Women: Self-Care and Self-Belief
    • Women’s Roles in Consolidating the Family Foundation
    • Women’s Roles in Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibilities
  3. Women and Comparative Studies and Future Studies in the Realms of Science and Technology in Islamic and Western Countries
    • Women in the Social Media and Virtual World: Opportunities and Threats

Members of the Policy Making Council

Members of the Scientific Committee


Opening Ceremony

Panels for Holding the Conference